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Our residential and commercial contractors will be the perfect fit for any concrete service in Asheville you may need. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home through concrete resurfacing, staining, polishing, or even pouring a new concrete driveway or patio, we are the local concrete company for you.

There are many ways concrete installation, concrete repair, and even decorative concrete can be beneficial to your home or business. We know that weather and everyday use can cause issues with settling or cracking in your concrete driveway and sidewalks. We are confident to ensure the best concrete service and concrete repair delivered to you.

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Flat Work Concrete

Flat work concrete is a term used to describe the pouring of concrete on a flat surface of your desire. For any flat surface you may have, we have specialists to make your concrete installation a breeze. 

These flat surfaces may include your:

concrete driveway getting ready to be poured in front of a house

Concrete Resurfacing

For those who already have concrete surfaces, there are plenty of options to make your slab look like new. Concrete resurfacing is one way of improving the look of your surface as well as preventing the future need for concrete repair. Concrete resurfacing is a great option to help save money and, in cases, can add value to your home. In simple words, we add a thin layer of cement over your existing slab, resulting in a smooth and clean looking surface. Again, this is a great option if you are looking to create a fresh look to current surfaces and prevent future wear and tear.

Stamped Concrete

In addition to concrete resurfacing, we offer plenty of cosmetic options to upgrade your surfaces. We are the top decorative concrete contractor Asheville, offering ways to create a look that is less industrial by stamping the concrete with a pattern that can add texture to create a look that resembles stone, tile, wood, and more. This would be a great option to finish a patio or walkway around your pool.

Stained Concrete

Concrete staining can be a great way to add a new look to your interior floors, garage floor, or outdoor surfaces like your porch. There are acid and water-based stains that can be used for many different purposes. Acid-based concrete stains offer a more natural finish and are made to last longer because of the resistance to peeling and chipping. Water-based stains come in a wider variety of colors and can be handy with quick dry time. We know our concrete contractors can find the best option for your needs and space.

Concrete Polishing

Any residential area like a garage floor, kitchen floor, or commercial space could be upgraded with a polished, glossy finish.

The cost of our services is differentiated by each subsection and concrete by the yard. Contact one of our concrete contractors to discuss options and get a free quote for your project!

leveling a freshly poured concrete driveway
concrete walkway in front of home
new concrete driveway curing in front of a white garage

Concrete Driveway Contractors in Asheville, NC

Concrete resurfacing in your house or business is a relatively simple process that can have a huge influence. We start by wearing down the concrete and washing the cement’s surface. We then execute appropriate components of concrete resurfacing to the developed operation. To maintain your garage floor or driveway in a better way, we use this type of concrete repair. With this cement resurfacing method, we help protect your physical driveway from defects. Many old and new homes have cement roads and walkways that can dissolve excessive heat, humidity, pressure, and everyday use over time and need concrete renovation to maintain their architectural beauty and functional quality. The overall appearance of a house or company is not only damaged by degraded and dirty concrete, but it can also become a dangerous danger as cracks and gaps endanger the structural stability of the concrete surface.

Concrete resurfacing is primarily designed for fixing, patching cracks and gaps, concrete surfacing, and restoring damaged cement to restore it to perfect form. Concrete resurfacing is a simple way to turn worn and dusty concrete surfaces into durable, high-performance surfaces that look beautiful and clean and have improved durability. More specifically, concrete resurfacing is of vital importance in prolonging the longevity of your concrete surfaces. It is necessary to repair and maintain damaged concrete before a complete structural failure in order to ensure safety, visual value, and cost-effectiveness. Concrete resurfacing is a challenging and incredibly dangerous operation without the right skills and tools, which is why Asheville Concrete has the necessary equipment and expertise to facilitate the rapid and efficient qualification and execution of each concrete resurfacing.

For those that already have concrete surfaces, there are plenty of options to make the slab look brand new. One way to increase the surface quality and to remove the future need for concrete repair is concrete resurfacing. Concrete resurfacing is a great way to save money and, under conditions, will increase its worth. In basic words, we add a thin layer of cement over your current slab, leading in a beautiful flat looking surface.

If you have a concrete patio that you want to maintain, but you might need some repairs, resurfacing concrete is a great option, but also a cost-effective option. Resurfacing the concrete can aid in restoring damaged or unattractive concrete while at the same time and making concrete slabs stronger and stable. Concrete patios are highly used in areas exposed to cracking, pitting, and scratching, which can cause losses and damage. You could perhaps then go through the Decorative Concrete finishing to improve the resurfacing work after the concrete foundation has been resurfaced. Adding a pattern, paint, or polish to your existing patio and house will add a huge amount of potential.

We will offer services as concrete professionals for any concrete surface you need. We can also do any roadway, floor, wall, patio, driveway, back or front porch, deck, or stairs, as mentioned above, we also have experience with each of these fields. In addition to concrete, we can also use old tiles for renovation or repair. We’re able to resurface them and make them look modern. We will assist you with any cement work you have, big or small.

Driveways suffer a lot of damage and destruction fundamentally, it is important that your driveway be designed to withstand the punishment of everyday use between holding heavy machinery and managing heavy foot traffic. That is why, in addition to highly skilled professionals, Asheville Concrete has the specialized and advanced equipment to build a concrete driveway that will be constructed to last. Specifically, Asheville Concrete driveways are able to handle extreme heat, humidity, cold, and even weather events. Our materials, through our concrete driveways, remain resistant to the elements and every day wear and tear, whereas others are vulnerable to crack and wear under extreme pressure. There is no better value than a concrete driveway for results and durability, which is why we have included a price estimate on our website to ensure that our clients know exactly what is expected. At Asheville Concrete, we have the best team of local concrete installers. We provide specific, qualified repairs and procedures. Asheville Concrete specializes in all types of concrete. We provide commercial concrete contractor service from the largest work but do not hesitate to assist with your small work. We have highly recognized skills and options, especially when it comes to decorative concrete. We have a wide variety of stamped concrete patterns for your patio and driveway.

Our concrete contractors are highly experienced in concrete resurfacing and repair. In one case, to help repair your flatwork concrete, we will use a high-quality concrete sheet. We are sure that we have the skills and tools to do it, no matter what particular service you may need.

One way to improve the appearance of the concrete and to remove the possible need for concrete repair is concrete resurfacing. Again, this is a great option if you are trying to establish a new outlook on existing surfaces to prevent future corrosion. One of the most popular services we provide is building concrete patios for our customers.

Concrete patios, driveways, and garages are the projects we mostly concentrate on. From washing and resurfacing the cement to polishing, staining, or decorating it, we do everything. In Asheville, we aim to make your slab look new and extend life. Every area of your home or company would need to be inspected and undertaken by professional contractors, regardless of whether it is an installation, renovation, or resurfacing project, to ensure that any potential damage can be eliminated.

Please call us today at ​828-944-8060​ to talk to one of our suppliers or complete the free online quote form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We know that our contractors will have a remedy for any requirement you have! For all things indoor and outdoor concrete, our contractors are experienced. With all your concrete surfaces, we will help you.