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We are Asheville, North Carolina locals who care about our customers. As one of the oldest, most experienced concrete companies in North Carolina, Asheville Concrete Co is your one-stop-shop for all things concrete repair. We have seen it all. From the small jobs to the ones that require a commercial concrete specialist, we confidently provide the skills and service to leave you feeling satisfied with the job. Concrete installation has become a breeze for our team. Let your search for a concrete contractor near me lead you straight to our door. We are not just a concrete company. It is more than just a concrete staining job for us. It is more than just the concrete driveway cost. It is about providing you, our valued customers, with concrete service you can trust. Some concrete companies Asheville, NC has to offer will neglect quality and fair prices. We work hard to make sure you get the quality concrete installation and repair you deserve. Give Asheville Concrete Co a call today to speak to a member of our crew!

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What Are My Concrete Staining Options?

We confidently offer concrete staining for a variety of different jobs and locations. Concrete staining colors can give dull, aged concrete a whole new look. We can give you the benefits of freshly poured concrete without the hassle! We offer concrete staining for the following:

1.       Concrete patio areas
2.       Concrete driveways
3.       Concrete walkway areas
4.       Any kind of decorative or stamped concrete

Whether it is the large areas of poured concrete or small patches of cement, we can use concrete staining acid and sealer to give it a face-lift. Call Asheville Concrete today to speak with a contractor about concrete staining cost. We guarantee a quality job at a fair price!

Concrete Staining and Polished Concrete

At Asheville, NC Concrete, we specialize in all types of concrete services. We know that your concrete can experience a lot of wear and tear, so our concrete installers are trained in maintenance! Through simple processes, we take concrete staining acid and polishing materials and give your concrete a fresh, new look. We have many different concrete staining finishes so you can feel confident that you are getting exactly what you are looking for in decorative concrete service. The look of polished concrete floors cannot be beaten! And the same goes for our polished concrete cost. Let our team of concrete contractors tackle the job. Call Asheville Concrete now with any questions! 

The Simple Solution: Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is one of our favorite answers to concrete cracks and weathering. Over time, concrete patios and concrete driveways in Asheville can wear and tear with the North Carolina climate. Without having to pour a whole new slab, Asheville Concrete has a simple solution to restore the new look and feel of your concrete while preserving it. Through a process of grinding and cleaning, we use the proper tools for concrete polishing. We use a special concrete coating as a layer of protection, providing your concrete garage floor with a new surface. You cannot beat the look of polished concrete residential floors. Give us a call today and we will give your concrete flat-work a whole new look!  
stamped concrete patio with stairs up to the lawn

Concrete Contractors in Asheville, NC

Specialized concrete patios and walkways are provided by Asheville Concrete Co for a long-lasting, durable, and aesthetically pleasing living space. Due to its performance, durability, and practical attractiveness, Concrete is the prime product for patios and walkways. A large-upside and no-risk choice for an optimal living space is the concrete patios and walkways.  In simplest form, concrete looks fantastic and can last for a long period of time without the threat of indirect expenses since little maintenance is needed. Asheville Concrete aims at providing a living space that represents both an aesthetic attraction and a consistent value that is constructed to last. The best living space to endure heavy traffic and environmental occurrences while retaining a clean visual aspect is concrete patios and surfaces. Asheville Concrete maintains specialized equipment and highly skilled technicians to ensure that every concrete patio and surface is safely, securely, and without incident constructed.

Not only can paving a concrete patio be chaotic and labor-intensive, but it can also be risky to build and can be a threat to anyone using the surface if done poorly. Do not pursue this complex and risky undertaking yourself, please.  Asheville Concrete Co emphasizes protection as the highest concern, which is why on our home page we offer a free quotation along with a free bonus coupon to inspire clients to recruit professionals like us who have the equipment and know-how to securely get the job.

Good upgrades to every home are concrete patios. They can vary from being very functional and helpful, to being a creative addition to a yard. To make your life a stress-free one, we can manage all projects from start to finish. Until construction, by grading and packing the ground to best preserve the concrete over time, we plan the area that will be paved. Then we mount and pour the concrete to manufacture the exact concrete slabs that will make up your patio.

You can choose from a number of decorative concrete methods after the concrete has been built.

  • Concrete Stamping: trying to stamp into your concrete slabs a design like wood, cobblestone, pavers, etc.
  • Concrete Staining: You can stain concrete after to another color of your choice, such as red, blue, etc.
  • Concrete polishing: To produce a high-gloss surface for quick cleaning and longevity, you can choose to polish your concrete slabs as a final step.

To address the patio and driveway areas, we use concrete staining acid. Asheville Concrete has the right contractors for the job, whether you are doing some house repairs inside your house or you are just trying to find companies near me that cover concrete staining outdoors. There are a number of factors that go into doing the job in a process as seemingly simple as concrete staining. Between companies and homes, concrete staining colors will vary. Unique preferences and knowledge go into making the right choices about home repair. Asheville’s most common options include black, white, and grey concrete stains. For a better finish, we just have professional-grade concrete stain and polisher. We work hard to keep concrete discoloration costs down with a small job like this.

Concrete staining can be a great way to add a fresh perspective to your interior floor, garage floor, or exterior surfaces like your deck. For several factors, there are colors depending on the acid solution that can be used. Along with grinding and breakage resistance, acid-based concrete surfaces have a more flawless appearance and are built to last longer. Water-based stains are available in a broader range of subjects and can be beneficial with quick drying time. It’s important to select the best stain possible for whatever surface you stain. Where outside or crowded traffic areas to be stained separately from indoor or lower traffic areas. Two kinds of stains, water-based and acid-based stains, are accessible. If you are looking for a particular shade to stain your concrete, a water-based concrete stain is a great alternative. If it is a mark on paint or an accidental stain on lubricant. Acid-based stains have a variety of usually earth-toned, more limited colors. Acid-based stains tend to last longer often and will not chip or tear. This makes them perfect for areas of high population where you want to give a natural look for outdoor areas.

Concrete staining is another way you can give a great aesthetic experience to a slab of concrete. This can be done with a newly constructed concrete slab, while most existing concrete slabs still cover the patio. Asheville concrete services also offer quality concrete polishing that transforms standard concrete surfaces into clean and refined spaces appropriate for industrial as well as residential properties. At Asheville Concrete, we have the best team of local concrete contractors. We have precise, professional repairs and procedures. Asheville Concrete Co specializes in all aspects of concrete. We provide commercial concrete contractor service from the largest jobs but do not pause to assist with your small work. We have unmatched knowledge and choices, especially when it comes to decorative concrete.

We guarantee a fresh look, using safe concrete staining acid and sealer that you will be satisfied with. This technique, especially when it comes to concrete stain driveway service, can be conducted many times a year. We have a large range of concrete staining colors to guarantee your satisfaction. Polished concrete floors can transform the look of an environment. In the look and feel of a polished environment, we can see a significant difference. Using consistent methods, we take concrete staining acid and polishing materials and give a nice, fresh experience to your concrete. We have several different cement staining finishes, so you can feel confident you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for in decorative concrete service.

Let the job be tackled by our competent concrete contractor team. It is more than just a concrete staining job for us. We work hard to guarantee that you get the quality concrete installation and repair you deserve. If it is large parts of poured concrete or tiny spots of cement, we can use concrete staining acid and polisher to give it a facelift. To ask about concrete staining costs with a contractor, call Asheville Concrete Co today. We promise quality work at a reasonable price. If we’re dealing with basement floors with concrete floors or a simple garage floor. We begin by grinding down the cement cracks and defects. Especially when we do a job on polished concrete residential floors, we are sure to avoid all blemishes prior to applying polish. Today, call Asheville Concrete Co at 828-944-8060 , and let our professional concrete contractors do a job with which you will be pleased!